Where space is limited and appearance is essential, sliding doors are the perfect solution for any room. Saving space on the outside of the wardrobe whilst creating more within.

Our sliding doors and storage solutions are brought to you by Kreative Kitchen, bringing unparalleled elegance and style to your bedroom. Made in our facility from the highest quality materials, our doors come in endless designs allowing you to create your perfect and truly personalised wardrobe.

Giving your bedroom instant style, character and charm, as well as plenty of storage space, our sliding wardrobe doors and fitted bedrooms are a fantastic option for anyone thinking of giving their home a new look. Choose from our popular designs that feature a wide range of sliding wardrobes, drawers and shelving units to create your ideal bedroom interior.

Our range of hinged door wardrobes are another option for home owners preferring a more traditional storage solution. With concealed hinges and a wide variety of handles to choose from, our hinged doors are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. From flat panel to patterned doors, you can choose from a variety of finishes like Laminate, Glossy Laminate, Acrylic, Veneer, Painted Acrylic, Back Painted Glass, PU Paint and so on, here at Kreative Kitchen we offer you individuality and total flexibility.

Whether you are building, renovating or just trying to find some extra living space, adequate storage facilities will always increase the value of your home. Using our Wardrobe Designs, you can create your very own wardrobe solution whether it's for your bedroom, laundry, office or family room.

Having a walk in wardrobe to show off your well-earned collection of shoes and clothing is no longer a dream because you can make your dreams COME TRUE. Having a spare room for a walk in wardrobe is not necessary, even a spare corner of your bedroom can perfectly serve the purpose and at a price tag that will in fact make you think you’re still dreaming.

Wardrobes have taken up an entirely new look. They have undergone so much transformation that these modular designer wardrobes can now contribute to the entire look of the house. These modular closets or wardrobes give the home a refined appearance and add to its organized look. These closets are the right answer to the space management issue. With homes getting cozier and smaller in the urban areas, these wardrobes are definitely a good idea. These modern closets have been built wall to wall and feature many shelves and drawers to accommodate all your belongings. The wardrobes have carefully planned racks and shelves that will adjust all the stuff. It is well built over a large space featuring rods for hangers, shelves and lockers too.